miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2010

-Are you ready?. Okay, go ahead and pick 10 cards.
You're not happy. You're good at pretending that everything in your life is good, and you give off a great sense of security and self-confidence, but...you're not satisfied. You don't know yourself well. You're... restless and unsettled. You're a great pretender.
You've been married, but you're presently divorced or separated.You like to give the impression that you're happy to be by yourself, but in reality,you're mortified that your marriage failed.
You believe it's your fault that it failed, and... it may be so.
You don't have any lifelong friends. Some of them wanted to be close to you, but they felt that you were inaccessible... or that you were aloof.
And you're very secretive. And you don't trust easily.
And when you do let someone in, you later regret it, or resent them.
I think that you feel that sooner or later everyone is a disappointment.You can be assertive and hands-on, especially in a crisis. 
But I think you live... in constant fear of tragedy. 

(Things you can tell by just looking at her.)

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